GENESIS (The Book of Genesis has 50 Chapters)

EXODUS (The Book of Exodus has 40 Chapters)

LEVITICUS (The Book of Leviticus has 27 Chapters)

NUMBERS (The Book of Numbers has 36 Chapters)

DEUTERONOMY (The Book of Deuteronomy has 34 Chapters)

JOSHUA (The Book of Joshua has 24 Chapters)

JUDGES (The Book of Judges has 21 Chapters)

RUTH (The Book of Ruth has 4 Chapters)

1 SAMUEL (The Book of 1 Samuel has 31 Chapters)

2 SAMUEL (The Book of 2 Samuel has 24 Chapters)

1 KINGS (The Book of 1 Kings has 22 Chapters)

2 KINGS (The Book of 2 Kings has 25 Chapters)

1 CHRONICLES (The Book of 1 Chronicles has 29 Chapters)

2 CHRONICLES (The Book of 2 Chronicles has 36 Chapters)

EZRA (The Book of Ezra has 10 Chapters)

NEHEMIAH (The Book of Nehemiah has 13 Chapters)

ESTHER (The Book of Esther has 10 Chapters)

JOB (The Book of Job has 42 Chapters)

PSALM (The Book of Psalm has 150 Chapters)

PROVERBS (The Book of Proverbs has 31 Chapters)

ECCLESIASTES (The Book of Ecclesiastes has 12 Chapters)

SONG OF SOLOMON (The Book of Song of Solomon has 8 Chapters)

ISAIAH (The Book of Isaiah has 66 Chapters)

JEREMIAH (The Book of Jeremiah has 52 Chapters)

LAMENTATIONS (The Book of Lamentation has 5 Chapters)

EZEKIEL (The Book of Ezekiel has 48 Chapters)

DANIEL (The Book of Daniel has 12 Chapters)

HOSEA (The Book of Hosea has 14 Chapters)

JOEL (The Book of Joel has 3 Chapters)

AMOS (The Book of Amos has 9 Chapters)

OBADIAH (The Book of Obadiah has 1 Chapter)

JONAH (The Book of Jonah has 4 Chapters)

MICAH (The Book of Micah has 7 Chapters)

NAHUM (The Book of Nahum has 3 Chapters)

HABAKKUK (The Book of Habakkuk has 3 Chapters)

ZEPHANIAH (The Book of Zephaniah has 3 Chapters)

HAGGAI (The Book of Haggai has 2 Chapters)

ZECHARIAH (The Book of Zechariah has 14 Chapters)

MALACHI (The Book of Malachi has 4 Chapters)