(The New Testament is a collection of 27 Books)

MATTHEW (The Book of Matthew has 28 Chapters)

MARK (The Book of Mark has 16 Chapters)

LUKE (The Book of Luke has 24 Chapters)

JOHN (The Book of John has 21 Chapters)

ACTS (The Book of Acts has 28 Chapters)

ROMANS (The Book of Romans has 16 Chapters)

1 CORINTHIANS (The Book of 1 Corinthians has 16 Chapters)

2 CORINTHIANS (The Book of 2nd Corinthians has 13 Chapters)

GALATIANS (The Book of Galatians has 6 Chapters)

EPHESIANS (The Book of Ephesians has 6 Chapters)

PHILIPPIANS (The Book of Philippians has 4 Chapters)

COLOSSIANS (The Book of Colossians has 4 Chapters)

1 THESSALONIANS (The Book of 1 Thessalonians has 5 Chapters)

2 THESSALONIANS (The Book of 2 Thessalonians has 3 Chapters)

1 TIMOTHY (The Book of 1 Timothy has 6 Chapters)

2 TIMOTHY (The Book of 2 Timothy has 4 Chapters)

TITUS (The Book of Titus has 3 Chapters)

PHILEMON (The Book of Philemon has 1 Chapter)

HEBREWS (The Book of Hebrews has 13 Chapters)

JAMES (The Book of James has 5 Chapters)

1 PETER (The Book of 1 Peter has 5 Chapters)

2 PETER (The Book of 2 Peter has 3 Chapters)

1 JOHN (The Book of 1 John has 5 Chapters)

2 JOHN (The Book of 2 John has 1 Chapter)

3 JOHN (The Book of 3 John has 1 Chapter)

JUDE (The Book of Jude has 1 Chapter)

REVELATION (The Book of Revelation has 22 Chapters)