Hi guys! Thinking about Journaling this year 2019? Okay! Let’s understand when and how we can start a productive journaling.

What is Journaling?

Let’s find out first the origin of the word journal:

The word “Journal” has evolved to have different meaning from different generations. But originally, from the Latin word “diurnalis” it refers to a daily record of different activities or events.

As time passed by, the meaning has evolve and it’s been practiced by many, that you may Journal or record any occurrences or ideas at any time.

It’s your personal space, whether you’re using a pen and a paper or a computer to jot down or record your thoughts, experiences and observations.

It’s a way of expressing oneself privately but it could also be done online by sharing it to the Internet.

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When and how can I start Journaling?

You may start journaling by using a pen and a paper. But if you want you may also use an electronic device or gadgets.

By doing the more traditional way of journaling, prepare yourself a decent Notebook or Bullet Journal.  Along with it, you may also want to produce some different types of pens or colored pencils to express your creativity or artistic side of your personality.

Or if you preferred doing Journal electronically, there’s Laptop and Smart Phones. There are many Journal applications that you may use in the Internet, like JourneyPenzu and Evernote.  Just download the application, create an account, update and save your works in the cloud.

You can actually keep many types of Journals: From Future Log that list down your Personal and Professional Goals to a kind of Journal that lets your inner being express things his grateful for.      

Each specific journal may have its own Notebook or if you preferred, there’s an alternative of getting yourself an Organizer Binder that lets you bind, organize and refill each sections altogether.

The looks of your Journal and how you want to use it (especially if you’re using a pen and a paper) depends on your personal likes & preference. It’s yours… You’re the one knows your needs.

Sections or Areas that you want to include in your Journal:

Yes! A Journal is more than your average Daily Diary.  Because, if you wish! Your Daily Log is just one of many subjects or categories that you may include in your Personal Journal.

If you love traveling… It can have an area where you can record all the memorable and exciting trips from different places your curiosity have been craving to explore.Or simply create a section named: Travel

Or if you’re a Business man or just simply have some sources of income that you want to have a sort of Finance Tracker: You may create a section or category for those entries. Those will be your Tabs (or areas) where you can write down your Business ideas, Plans, Projects and have a glance of your over-all Business Performance.

All in all, having a journal and keeping one is a great way of tracking information and restoring memorable experiences. Not to mention that it can also be use as a tool for stress management.

So, whether you use it for Personal or Professional intent (to boost your work productivity), there are benefits. And those benefits along the way at the end of the year you’ll realized that you get more awareness and self improvement.

Happy Journaling Guys!

I hope that this information somehow have helped you understand about the basics of Journaling. And if you enjoyed reading this article, please feel free to like and share it to others.